"The personal of loving life in the Hydrangeas Garden "

People behind the Hovaria® Hydrangeas and the history of their nursery.

Hovarias are special hydrangeas with a unique story behind each of them. The cultivation and the production are done by Koos Hofstede and his son Wilko, living in the little Dutch town of Huissen, situated at the river Rhine (Rijn) just south of Arnhem.
The breeding and production nursery has been in the Hofstede family for many years and Koos and Wilko are respectively the third and fourth generation. From about 1930 hydrangeas, especially globose headed types (mopheads) were grown in four colours (red, pink, white and blue). At the beginning of the 1980's Koos Hofstede introduced into the Netherlands the lacecap hydrangeas (flat flower head with small fertile flowers in the centre and a circle of large sterile flowers on the outside) and in 1992 the'Lilac flowering' hydrangea.
After solid research proved that no other novelty hydrangeas of real importance existed Koos Hofstede, together with his son Wilko, started a breeding programme to develop their own hydrangeas. They themselves do all the work including improvements, application of breeders' rights, the drawing of contracts in Holland and abroad, the marketing and the promotion of their products. In everything they are assisted by Lia Hofstede, the lady of the house.

In 1994 the first variety of the Hovaria series was put on the market and was named 'Hobella', a combination of HO of Hofstede and bella the Italian word for beauty. This 'Hobella' is a charming, beautiful hydrangea that has a soft pink initial colour. 'Hobella' is very popular and soon after the successful introduction of this special hydrangea, it was awarded many times.Every few years new special Hydrangeas were added to the Hovaria: www.hovaria.com

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a. Ms.Lia
b. Mr.Koos Hofstede
c. Mr.Wilko Hofstede

The Hovaria's Hydrangea Garden  
Hydrangea in green house