Mr. Piebe Hotsma

"A beautiful landscape delights the heart."

Said by Consultant Mr. Piebe Hotsma of

Floriade 2012

Floriade is an international exhibition of horticulture, held every 10 years in The Netherlands since 1960. In 2012 the city of Venlo is hosting this event on a site of 66 hectares. Visitors can see flowers, plants and trees in five different, themed areas, till October 7, 2012. The slide show of pictures taken during my visit together with Tom and Liru earlier this year gives an impression. For more information:
More pictures:

- Piebe Hotsma -


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a. Mr. Piebe Hotsma from The Netherlands.
b. Mr. Piebe at his desk at the office.
c. Mr. Piebe and Mr. Tom talking.
d. Mr. Piebe on Floriade in front of Tulips.


Beautiful Yellow Mountain


I love Holland

You with me to Floriade together
Slide show of Floriade 2012