Bring Nature to City

World’s cities are expanding rapidly, and in China are undergoing a major transformation. Many cities suffer from a number of environmental ills, such as overcrowding, intense competition for and misallocation of space.

As a designer, the questions of how to avoid mistakes and create a ideal environment for the society have become to the essential issues.

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Art of a creating City  

If we plant a tree we do this for the future. To tell you something about new varieties and directions for the use and potentialities of municipal plantations is an idea of the future of the town and the several wishes of the inhabitants essential and necessary. Because, wherever inhabitants are, they like to be surrounded by sensational colours, scents, shapes and shadows.

The design of greening and coloring a city has to be inspired by the landscape of the surroundings. And such a design has to focus the art-element of the main theme, illustrating the interaction between people and nature. And in my opinion the word ‘art’ has to be used in the broadest sense of the word. The art should work on a high quality environment in which to live is therefore a part of the several themes a green city is being built.

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