Welcome to W.J. Spaargaren b.v. where you can find new and special plants within the total concept of nursery plants!

As you may know, W.J. Spaargaren b.v.  was founded by Willem Spaargaren as an export nursery. The third generation, Rupert Spaargaren runs the company now, which is still located at Laag Boskoop 11.

New varieties are a specialty within the total package of nursery plants, consisting shrubs, conifers and perennials since the staff members of W.J. Spaargaren b.v. are travelling around the world to America, Europe, China and Japan searching for new varieties.

W.J. Spaargaren b.v. have developed an easy webshop system
www.spaargaren.com where you can order your 'green delivery' in just a few mouse clicks!

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a. In office in the Company
b. In Meiyuan Park of Wuxi in the China
c. Front of Company in the Nehterlands
Eddy at the working  
Eddy's Nursery