Ms. Yuling Zhang             Contralto

The famous solo artist of North Star Ensemble. She has been studying from Wong Ruomei of being the virtuous vocal educationist of Central Symphony Orchestra of China. She sang the important roles in several renowned Chinese operas. Acted the young girl of national minority, Tibetan grandmother, and a name for both acting the guerrilla commander who is a grandmother with two guns in opera Sister Jiang and the high rank officer of Education Department of x-Province in opera " Yi-Niang" . The young contralto's voice is bright and mellow with good resonance. Her articulation is clear and eloquent. Her singing is like communicating with the audience, touching the heart of the listeners.

Zhang also recorded many songs broadcasted in the Central People Broadcasting Station and 1985 won the prize in the Army Professional Vocal Competition. In 1994.
Given her concert in Victorian Concert Hall in Singapore. The song "waterwheel of the Yellow River" broadcasted by Singapore TV station. In 1998, also in Singapore, she sang the leading role in the cantata " Hua Mu-lan " achieved great success and made a deep impression in the audience.

Being a member of the Radio Phiharmonic Chorus, she visited France. Italy and Hongkong.

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a. Ms. Yuling Zhang in China
b. Ms. Yuling Zhang in Singapore
c. Choral Concert of Hua Mulan Cantata to be successful in Singapore
d. Ms.Yuling Zhang in France

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