"To go with the demand of a new age development is the soul of creating music works."

Said by Composer Mr. Jun Zhang of China


Mr.Jun Zhang ( Father of Mr. Weiran Zhang of Senior Development Manager of Oracle Corporation )Composer and Director

Mr. Jun Zhang wrote Opera "The quartet of the love and fire",Cantata "Hua Mulan" adopted from a famous Chinese ancient story, which was presented in Singapore twice in 1994 and 1998, and won the great success. Mr. Jun Zhang also wrote Ballet music "The love of the mountain", Symphonic poem "The morning fog", many songs and music for Movie and TV.

As a music director, Mr. Jun Zhang directed the rehearsal of American comic"West side story " and Japanese comic "The cat dreaming to be a man" presented by the students of Central Drama Academy. Mr. Jun Zhang conducted the Beijing Children's Palace Choir.

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a. Mr. Jun Zhang and Mr. Ge Wang
b. The graceful bearing of Mr. Jun Zhang
c. Choral Concert of Hua Mulan Cantata to be successful in Singapore

China's Comporser Mr. Jun Zhang‏